Kathryn Johnson

Kathryn Johnson

Kathryn helps high-achieving professionals over 40 break free from overwhelm and burnout so they can have ease and flow in their day and the freedom to live with purpose, passion and prosperity.

With 3 degrees, 2 world championship bronze metals, a best-selling book, multiple awards, and certifications; her life’s journey has uniquely prepared her to coach YOU to success. Along with Kathryn’s traditional training, she has spent over 20 years developing her intuitive and healing abilities. She has received formal training for mediumship at Stanstead College in Essex, England and at Kings Wells in Aberdeen, Scotland. In addition, she is a trained spiritual healer and a certified Ancestral Clearing Practitioner.

Kathryn believes to be truly successful in today’s changing world we must acknowledge our whole self. That is why Kathryn’s integrated Empowered Success transformational coaching program utilizes both analytical thinking and intuitive skills to gather deep insight into your life. The result, she can help YOU transform your overwhelm into empowered success and live with purpose, passion and prosperity.

Born with the disability cerebral palsy, Kathryn has overcome a lifetime of “no you can’t” transforming it to “yes, I can”. This was demonstrated when she chose to walk across hot coals as part of an exercise at a personal development retreat. When asked why she did it, she simply said, Because I can” As an expert coach in turning overwhelm into Empowerment Kathryn can help you find the gift in any situation.

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