Episodes 2 & 3

Kourtney Levens

For over 15 years, Spiritual Advisor and Angel Communicator Kourtney Levens has used her divine gifts to help her beloved clients align with their higher purpose, increase their life's fulfillment, and contribute to doing good in the world.

Clients across all industries and backgrounds turn to Kourtney for her expertise and direction. As the founder of the Spirit Whisperer Program, her inspired advice has supported her clients to tap into their natural intuitive gifts and determine their strengths so they are awakened and ignited to make significant life changes – embarking on new careers, starting businesses, and marrying their soulmates.

Delivered with love and compassion, Kourtney's divine messages have helped her clients heal, gain clarity on what they truly desire, and eliminate limiting beliefs impeding their progress, confidence, and motivation.

Kourtney is profoundly grateful to her clients for allowing her to lead them on their spiritual journey. She loves empowering them and seeing the impact she has made in their lives, which is reflected in the compelling words of her client's testimonials.

Beth Herndobler

Beth Herndobler is a former Chicago prosecutor and complex tort trial lawyer. She put herself through college and law school in the ‘80s as a single mother having had her first child at age 18. Beth attended law school at a time when women only made up 10% of the class and she was the only teen mother. In 1984 when Beth graduated and began working as a prosecutor, women made up only 5% of the staff and these ratios continued when she later moved into private practice as a litigator. In short, Beth’s experience as a lawyer was very masculine!

Through the years the calling she felt that there was more for her to do nudged her forward as she tried to find “the key” to her purpose work. To that end, in her nearly 30 years as a lawyer, Beth also freelanced in a variety of management positions, creative endeavors (including starting an independent
jazz record label), event planning and catering.

It wasn’t until 2011, at the age of 53, that she finally opened fully to what more she was here to be, do, have and create, quit the practice of law and moved to California to see what more was possible for her. It took that radical, terrifying step for Beth to open to the Divine Feminine waiting to come through her and to develop and deepen her lifelong connection with the Divine and Angelic realms. Only in the face of that bold move was Beth able to open to the Psychic, Medium, Intuitive Spiritual Counselor, Sacred Geometrist and Energy Healer that she is and always has been.

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