Interview 5 & 6

Sheila Gale

Sheila Gale began her 30 year broadcasting career in 1975, as a D.J. at the popular Dragonfly Disco in Los Angeles. A born communicator, she caught the ‘bug’ and Sheila’s voice was heard on twelve California radio stations, before she expanded to the internet in 2008 to reach a larger audience. Sheila’s desire to make a difference in people’s lives led her to become a leading Teleseminar Host for the Spiritual community, interviewing hundreds of top Energy Healers and New Thought Leaders.

In 2017 Sheila was not happy or satisfied with her life and asked the Universe, “Why?!” She made a demand of the Universe to “show me something different or get me out of here!” That’s when she began her solo inward journey.

Sheila made a radical move to leave her familiar life in Monterey, her childhood home, and her adult children, and embark on an unknown adventure.

She landed in Sedona, immersed herself in Nature and finally found peace and joy. “Mother Nature is my greatest teacher and Healer. I finally fell in love with myself and there is nothing more I need.”

Sheila and her partner, Michael, share their secluded 3 acre ranch with horses Chapo and Sunny and cat Amigo. Sheila has become a renowned Sedona artist and spends her days making art. “Art is Magic. It will open up in you parts unknown. Art for the sake of art is transformative. I live like I’m five. That was the funnest time in my life. I keep my child like wonder alive.”
Sheila also coaches' seniors with ADHD and has a mission to make Olding, cool. Sheila is a proud 71!

Natalie Viglione

Natalie is a medicine woman and business owner on a quest to help humans take back their power in life, business, and in our health. She's a vessel for Life & Business Guidance guiding people back to find the medicine and magick in all things, is a voice of Gaia, and is a Master Herbalist-in-training.

After getting her B.S. degree in Business, Marketing, Natalie did a fast climb up the corporate ladder in executive marketing & sales roles, traveling and living in cities like San Francisco and New York City. After 17 years and reaching VP status, she decided to leave that toxic realm and start her own path back to the ancient soul within, back to her truth, and to ignite her mission on this planet...

In 2016, she founded Team Gu which provides strategy, training, and creative support to heart-based business owners around the globe. In 2018, Natalie had a dream that instructed her to start Disrupt Now Program & Podcast where she runs the Tap Into Your Magick program and Disrupt Now Podcast. Through these efforts, her overarching mission is to help lightworkers tap into their unique magick, reawaken their divine power, and ignite their missions on this planet!

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