Interview 9 &10

Godelieve Willer

Godelieve is a master at identifying and removing blocks to embodying your True Nature. She has the magical ability to perceive consciousness, allowing her to discern how aligned you are with your Higher Self and purpose, and will activate and assist you to open into your gifts to manifest here and now.

As a multi-dimensional energy reader and Seer, she acts as a bridge between dimensions to bring wisdom, deep healing and activations; putting you on an accelerated path to reclaiming your Power and remembering Who you came here to be.

She is passionate about assisting you to re-connect to your Divine Nature and introduce you to your Divine potential. Godelieve will assist you to see the unique magic that you hold and assist you to open more fully to your gifts and purpose now!

Cheryl Fidelman

Cheryl Fidelman is the Conscious Codependenceā„¢ Coach.
As a leader in the Human Potential Movement for the past 15 years, Cheryl focuses on Codependence because it's one of the most obvious ways that we demonstrate our unhealed trauma in our relationships. Her Conscious Codependenceā„¢ methodology blends a mix of somatic experiencing, cognitive behavioral therapy & intersubjective meditation to reestablish her clients' self-worth by cultivating a deep sense of belonging within their psyche, spirit & nervous system.

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