Interview 17 & 18

Tara Nash

Tara Nash was formally in the fashion business in London until she finally couldn’t run from her grief anymore.

She decided to change everything in her life and move to LA to study a masters in Spiritual Psychology. It was during this time, thousands of miles from home, that she finally confronted the death of her parent’s, and her Conscious Grieving began.

Tara’s father died suddenly of a heart attack when she was 9 and her mother died of breast cancer when she was 21. No therapist of coach ever attributed her struggles to grief.

This has inspired Tara to uncover the mysteries and misidentifications of grief and now she has a passion to teach how sitting with the pain can lead to powerful transformations.

Tara teaches Grief Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and Breathwork to help clients move grief through the body. She facilitates an 11 week group course called the ‘Conscious Grief Program’, an opportunity to sit in community and learn about the grief process.

Tara now lives back in London with her Toy Poodle, ‘Kenny Rogers.’

Janika Maria

Certified Primordial Sound Meditation Teacher | Sound Healer |Energy Healer | Reiki Grant Master | Positive Psychology Coach | Mindset Coach and teacher | Business Mentor

Janika Maria is a multifaceted individual who has dedicated her life to helping others transform their mindset, achieve their goals, and lead a more fulfilled and purpose-driven existence. With a diverse background encompassing meditation, positive psychology, business coaching, and a remarkable spiritual journey, Janika brings a unique and holistic approach to her coaching practice.

Janika's journey into the realm of personal development began when she became a certified Primordial Sound Meditation Teacher through the renowned Copra Center under the guidance of the esteemed Deepak Chopra. This foundation in meditation laid the groundwork for her exploration of the power of the mind and its profound impact on one's overall well-being.

Notably, Janika possesses an extraordinary connection with her guides and has experienced out-of-body experiences since her teenage years. These mystical encounters have shaped her understanding of consciousness and the interconnectedness of all things, infusing her coaching style with a sense of spiritual awareness that goes beyond the ordinary.

A master manifestor, Janika has ventured across the globe with her husband and four children, immersing herself in diverse cultures and perspectives. Currently residing in a luxurious penthouse in Spain, her life's journey has been marked by resilience, determination, and the pursuit of a purpose-driven existence.

Janika's path has not been without challenges. Diagnosed with a chronic dis-ease, she embarked on a remarkable journey of self-healing, defying the odds to regain her vitality and health. Her personal struggles, both emotional and financial, have cultivated a deep empathy for others facing similar obstacles.

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