Russell Feingold

Russell Feingold

Russell Feingold is a respected and renowned Earth-honoring ceremonialist, sound healer, and author who has dedicated almost three decades to the pursuit, study, and practice of the healing arts and intuition development. Drawn to the timeless wisdom of ancient cultures, he surrendered his mainstream Western life to follow the call of his heart and soul to walk the ordained path of the medicine man. Embracing the indigenous wisdoms of India, Nepal, Peru, and the North American Original Peoples’ “Red Road,” Russell later received the rare and humbling honor of serving as the Principal of the Tribal Shamanic Council of the Choctaw Musgokee Yamassee Nation.

His pursuit of truth and natural healing ultimately led him into the potent and magical world of Peruvian Shamanism. It was here that his heart felt at home, as he was initiated into the lifelong study of these sacred ways by internationally acclaimed shamanic teacher Don Oscar Miro-Quesada Solevo — respected Kamasqa Curandero and Altomisayoq adept. Russell furthered his “education” under the guidance of Maestro Curandero Ricardo Amaringo, a revered ceremonialist and Shipibo shaman, in which he completed a rigorous apprenticeship in the Shipibo lineage of Amazonian plant medicine at Nihue Rao Centro Espiritual.

There is no room for spiritual-bypassing or “light-chasing” as he is known for his remarkable intuitive ability to “read the field,” and like a lightning bolt of truth, identify the blocks to health, wellbeing, and our soul’s evolution. Cutting through the web of confusion, he helps his clients and students embrace their pain, grief and trauma, releasing it into the alchemical fire of transformation, so that healing and wholeness can be restored on all levels: mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and relationally. As Arielle Ford, Founder of the Ford Group, author of international bestseller, “The Soulmate Secret,” and a former client puts it “Russell Feingold is an extraordinary healer with a remarkable ability to both correctly diagnose and heal energy blocks.”

Russell has helped thousands of people, including respected leaders Debbie Ford, Marcelene Dyer, Fran Drescher, and Andrew Harvey to break down the story of their lives and unravel the multi-dimensional tension patterns that obscure the authentic masterpiece within. LA Weekly noted his impeccable dedication to bringing forth deep healing by awarding his private coaching practice “Best of LA” in 2011. He is also the author of Heart Wisdom: Your Transformational Guide to Joyful Living and Loving published by Findhorn Press., and has recently released his first solo flute album aptly entitled Savor Eternity.

As a professional speaker, Russell is known for electrifying audiences, presenting alongside Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Caroline Myss, Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Andrew Harvey and T. Harv Eker at conferences, festivals, and conscious living events. Above all else though, one of Russell’s greatest joys is in bringing people “home” to Madre Peru on epic pilgrimages to experience the living shamanic magic that is embedded in her Sacred Lands.

Russell is also the founder of Heart Wisdom and Heart Wisdom Medicine, which are devoted to restoring safety and sacredness back into the heart of humanity, as we “restore the sacred trust between our humanity and the natural world” (~ Don Oscar). Recognized for bringing some of the most powerful ceremonial and transformational work to the transformational community, Russell’s work seeks to honor the integrity of these indigenous cultures and traditions while serving as a bridge to make them accessible to those who are called, without diluting the inherent potency of these sacred medicines and practices.

More important than all his credentials, however, is the fact that Russell is a loving human being who deeply cares about people and Pachamama — Mother Earth — and all her creatures. He is a master at nurturing community using the gifts of humor, insight, and compassion, as he impeccably and magically weaves a safe and sacred space so that hearts, bodies, minds and souls can be healed to further the evolution of our earth-bound tribe towards peace, unity, and wellbeing.

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