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Don't Spend a Penny on 800 Numbers or Group Psychic Hotlines with Random People! Have Your Personal Spiritual Advisor Instead. 

A Spiritual Advisor who connects you with your divine messages and purpose filled life! It's more than just a psychic reading, it's guidance. 


Psychics and mediums have always been popular. There are religions based on prophecy and predictions. But... in today's world, you have 800 numbers, per-minute charges just to hear an answer you hope to get. It adds up and gets expensive. You never get to know the person on the other end of the phone, their track record, how well they work with you, and you never really get the spiritual guidance and divine inspiration you need.

Learn what it's like to get actual guidance, to tap into your life's purpose, your divine calling. A spiritual advisor can see the future, but more than that, they have hidden secrets to how you could move through life with greater ease, better decision-making skills, and over a short amount of time, you'll see your life unfold differently. Smoother, with more feeling of connection, purpose, and love.

This is a step-by-step guide on how to reach the next level, complete with the tools you need, and did I mention it's specially formulated for you?

Some people opt for cheaper options because they believe it costs too much, the economy is tanking, and they're already cutting back, feeling like they can't thrive through it. If you're feeling this way, you can't afford not to get a spiritual guidance team behind you.


It seems like only a privileged group of people can access future information, channel, and talk to the divine; a select few who seem to have it all. The truth is, we can all do it, to varying degrees, and sometimes when we want to connect, it feels like we hear nothing but the wind. Answers just don't come. We are all at different parts of the journey, and I can tell you, the divine didn't set you up to do it alone!

I invite you to join an extraordinary group of people on this planet. Often, the most wealthy and successful individuals in the world have a spiritual advisor, a guide, a trusted source to turn to. How do you think they become successful? Receive your own psychic channel that connects you to your personal messages, fills you with spiritual inspiration, and helps you uncover your life purpose with answers on how to move forward in your life.

Get your reading and just for today, receive a BUY 1 GET 1 FREE! 

Purchase an energy healing session to remove blocks. 

Purchase an intuitive, channeled session to receive guidance

Purchase a hybrid of both! The choice is yours. Purchase the time below and tell Di what it is that you would like during your session! 

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Get to Know Your Spiritual Advisor 

Di Challenor!

Di was grief-stricken from an early age when she first lost her mother and then her father, both in her teens. Her stepmother then flung her from the nest, where she either had to fall or fly. With very little support, except the love of her younger siblings, Di began a quest in her deep, unhealed grief. It was the feeling that propelled her forward on a mystical, metaphysical journey into the unknown. The tarot gave her insights on a cheating husband, which soon after was realized as the truth. Not willing to feel alone forever, Di began taking intuition, channeling, and healing courses. Her connection with the divine grew stronger because she wanted to be connected with her family. Now, Di wants to connect you to the wisdom of divine guidance and healing without having grief be your motivator! She excels at listening, gleaning answers, next steps, and also seeing the future. It all comes together as a spiritual guide so that you know you are not alone!


Her intuition was also spot on and her spiritual messages to me where very inspiring.
I totally recommend Di and what she offers for anyone who is ready and willing to
give their life a complete makeover.
Thanks Di for helping me to move forward with so much grace, ease and no fear!!




“You have given me the tools to create
freedom from limitation which has brought me enormous peace to my heart & soul –
after doing and listening to the guided visualizations created by Di, I have expanded my
thinking from initially wanting to attract $1000 per week to attracting $1500 per week
and feeling comfortable with that amount of money coming to me.”

“Thank you for yesterday – you are amazing and I
feel truly blessed to be working with you. I look forward to sharing the prosperity of my journey
with you in the years to come.”



I’ve had a few (Angelic Reiki Theta Healing) sessions with the lovely Di! The effects are instant!!!

Honestly, I am shocked at how positive I felt after the session, happy and Zen.
I have noticed that my tendency to overthinking has greatly reduced and I take on any thoughts with
a much more positive attitude.
Another wonderful experience and I highly recommend Di and can't wait for my next session.


Except in the case of gross negligence or malpractice, you or your representative, hereby agree to fully release and hold harmless Di Challenor and Day by Day from and against any and all claims or liability of whatever kind or nature arising out of or in connection with your session(s).

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