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Beth Herndobler's Special Offer

It is time to release fear and open to cosmic consciousness and love so as to create space to Illuminate Your Inner Hero, and to receive what more is possible for us. It is time for each one of us to open to the greater expanded Light and Love of the Divine that is the Truth of Your Inner Hero. To do this, to flow in the frequency of abundance, our four bodies ~ mental, physical, emotional and energetic ~ must be aligned. And for that alignment to occur, we must release the deeply stored, outdated programs, patterns, ideas, beliefs, patterns, paradigms and trapped emotions.

There are two available packages. Package A includes a two-part live workshop, along with instructional PDFs and five MP3 activations. Package B includes everything offered in pkg A and adds a private one-on-one session with Beth.

Kari Kiazyk Special Offer

The Resonance of Surrender for Manifesting

In this 30-minute session on Zoom, I’ll identify what’s getting in the way of you achieving this alignment & harmony with your heart’s desires. Then there'll be a deep clearing with the assistance of the crystal bowls helping you to let go of the fear, resistance & control. This will bring you more in alignment with your higher purpose, into a state of resonance with Surrender, allowing you to Manifest your heart's desires.

Rozlyn Warren's Special Offer

Isabeau Maxwell's Special Offer

Natalie Viglione's Special Offer

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