Di Challenor the Channeler

A wonderful family and a beautiful marriage were the picturesque life that Di Challenor had growing up. It changed when her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Just as it would for anyone, her world came tumbling down.

At fourteen and a half years old, the unimaginable happened: her mother passed away. Psychically, she knew it was going to happen that day, though the exact time would be unknown. This was the start of her gifts unfolding. It doesn't end there; to follow was her father's death when she was just 16; he died of a heart attack, then her sister passed of cancer later in life when they were adults, leaving only her and her brother. Di's life has not been easy at all, but their deaths were the catalyst for her becoming a medium and a channeler of spiritual guidance and healing.

In her later years, Di would marry an abusive man that many would call a narcissist who cheated on her and had children with other women; when she found out, she left.

Though her early life was riddled with pain, loss, and betrayal, she used this as an opportunity to begin her spiritual journey, always looking to psychics and clairvoyants to give her answers and spiritual guidance. She took a channeling course and also learned how to do Angelic Reiki, a very high vibrational form of healing.

Di has healed her life and the lives of countless others. Depression often disappears in one session alone, due to the nature of the healing that she channels from the creator itself.

Tending to her roses and gardenias or dancing around on her re-bounder is Di's ultimate happy place. She especially loves creative projects that help her with the self-expression of her mind, body, and spirit.

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