72-Hour Replay Is Below

Due to circumstances beyond our control, many people were kicked from the call yesterday and couldn’t get back in. We apologize for the inconvenience. To make it up to you, we’ve decided to do an awesome replay of most of the event, including highlights, offers, and healings!

"I am extremely grateful to Di for her proactive approach in identifying both my physical and emotional issues. Her therapy significantly alleviated the chronic pain in my shoulder, and after just our first session, I experienced a noticeable reduction in pain and finally enjoyed a restful, pain-free sleep.
Di also helped me recognize and address emotional challenges I had been struggling with. She guided me on how to eliminate negative energies from my life and maintain a more positive outlook.
Overall, this experience has been transformative, and I now feel both physically and emotionally stronger.
I strongly recommend booking a session and working with Di, she certainly knows what she's doing!" Supreeti – July 2024 Australia


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